1. Reality's door

2. Predestination

3. Four mirrors

4. Eden?

5. Faith
( Instrumental )

6. Eternal Circle

7. Escape

8. Virágének
( Hungarian Folksong )



The first album in english ..
English lyric translation by
Péter Linka
Recorded and mastered at PONT-MI Studio, Székesfehérvár, Hungary from May to October, 2001.
Engineered and mixed by
Lajos Gulyás, Gábor Fekete, Zoltán Fábián
Mastering by Lajos Gulyás, István Kucsora
Sleeve and cover design by Gyula Havancsák
Band photo by
Sándor Sárközi
GU^LA Records Ltd. gives the Sensory label exclusive rights for the release and distribution of this material.
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