György Tolmacsov ( Bass )










Photo by : T. Erika

I was born in 1979, in Beregszasz. When I was 12-13 years old, I've started to play the classical guitar. Also, I enrolled the Music Scool, I thought, in the future maybe I can use up all those things that I learnt there.
I got into music deeper and deeper, so I enrolled the Music Secondary School. Up to this point rock music was equal to zero in my life, but here I got the thick of it: I started with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani (of course only listening). In 2001, my drummer friend, Csaba Czébely prompted me to buy a bass guitar - "because it's cheap, this is a good deal "... and such nice things like this.then I bought that. After a few days he called me, that there are some songs that they wrote with his two friends... and they wanted me to learn these songs until the upcoming rehearsal. I did so, and after this point I changed the classical guitar to bass. In 2002, a great singer joined us, and the formation got the name Philadelphia. I'm very grateful for this band and its members.
.... Here are a few bands, where I play the bass guitar: Pandora, Scenes from '99, Balázs Fecó Band, ZBB, Age of Nemesis. The guys,of these formations are great men, and outstanding musicians one by one. It's honour for me, that they accepted me as a friend, and a musician partner.