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After the 1st mixing of the instrumental album, the band decided to try to remix the album, which is actually still not ready, so it is still unreleased... Zoltan F. tries to put the songs together, and if the album will still have interest from the pulisher's side, perhaps it will be also released...
" I apologize to everyone for the waiting.. Mixing is a completely different job that I had to learn. We don't have money, so I really try to mix the songs but I'm too busy with making my living - and because of that things are going slowly. But someday I will finish it and I hope that you all will like the album in spite of the extra long waiting time. BTW, I have a new song, too, so the album will contain 11 tracks. ( The original version had 10 tracks.. ) " Zoltan Fabian


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OK, OK, this probably already caught your eye on the opening page... We just wanna tell you that the former page remained in its original state. You can find it on the menu at down on the left - all the old photos, mp3s, lyrics ... etc - you can reach them all - but from there ... Ah, and also the forum is new, but there you have the old one - we're cleaning that continuously (so many spams..goddamnit) and then, that will be suddenly stopped someday. Well, that's all ...


We would like to tell everyone that
Age of Nemesis will continue to operate in a new line-up.
With our full respect, we thanked Laci's (Laszlo Nagy, drummer) great work, and from now on, our new line-up is the same as the previously presented Scenes From '99 project.

Zoltan Kiss - Vocals
Zoltan Fabian - Guitars,
Gyorgy Nagy- Keyboards,
Gyorgy Tolmacsov- Bass
Gabor Krecsmarik- Drums.

We'd like to change many wrong things- we would like play more gigs, and we want to show more info on the web as well. We stared to write the next Age of Nemesis album with renewed power. Writing sessions will be finished until the spring of 2012. On our renewd website we will share the latest news about our works, and among others, unpublished photos of the band's life.

Age Of Nemesis