Iwas born in Budapest, Hungary, on September 29, 1971. At the age of 11, I enrolled in the Vác Music School. I wanted to learn the drums, but that course was already full. I then chose piano, but I was too old for that course. I had no other option; I had to take up a brass instrument. I learnt to play the trumpet for 4 years. I was a member of the town brass band and performed in public with them several times.

However, I broke off my music studies because I became more interested in sports. In 1986, I took 1st place in the Hungarian national regatta championships. After a period of active sports, I returned to music.

At first, electronic music had a great influence on me (Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode… etc.). Then at the age of 16, I got to know work of Iron Maiden, who drove me towards rock music. The 1989 Dream Theater album, When Dream and Day Unite was also a great influence...

I like their playing:
John Lord, Keith Emerson, Keith Jarret,
Jens Johansson, Kevin Moore, Alex Argento,
Jem Godfrey, Matt Guillory, Jarrod Radnich.