Gábor Krecsmarik ( Drums, vox, guitar )











Fotó: T. Erika

I was born on March 27, 1976, in Budapest. My father was a drummer and I was five years old when I told him that I wanted to learn the drums too. I was mildly successful, but then his band split up and he sold his drum kit. I was left with the chairs, and Zoli's bed, which I normally beat to pieces with wooden spoons. In 1988, Zoli (Zoltán Kiss, Nemesis' singer, and Gábor's cousin) spent 6,000 forints (approx. 24 euro) on an Amati drum kit for my birthday. I was soon playing in a band called Belfegor. During the years in the band I tried playing our own songs on an acoustic guitar, then I tried to learn a few Iron Maiden and Metallica songs too. I got to really like this instrument, and in 1994 we even recorded a few tracks that I wrote. When Classica's bassist left the band in 1999, Zoli (who was playing in Classica at the time) asked me to join the band as their bass guitarist. In 2001, I gave up my music career because the bands I was playing in were unsuccessful and became incapable of continuing on. I don't mind that things happened that way, because starting over is always a great challenge. A band called Special Guest formed in 2002, and I was happy to accept the position of bass guitarist. It's probably not surprising :), but it was again Zoli who called me saying that Nemesis was looking for a bassist. Their genre is one of my favorites and I've often seen them play live. So I rocked up to the audition, and from March 7, 2004, I became a member of Nemesis. From 2011, I'm the drummer of Age Of Nemesis' new line-up.

I got merried in 2006, my daughter was born in 2007.
My qualifications: airline technician, systems manager.