Zoltán Fábián ( guitars )

I was born in Vác, Hungary on July 21, 1970. I've been interested in music since the age of 5 when I first heard my father play guitar. I became obsessed with the guitar from the age of 10. In the beginning, I had no structured musical training. My favourite bands at that time were especially Hungarian rock bands. I became familiar with the music of Iron Maiden in 1983-84. This motivated me to take up the bass guitar.

1986 - 1994. Jericho

I formed my first band, Jericho, in 1986. As a result of many changes in the band's line-up, in 1988 I changed to playing guitar.I also sang in the band, even though I doesn't consider myself a singer.

1994 - 1996. Wellington
Melodic Rock - Metal band. 3 released albums, many gigs with the whole membership of Jericho, plus guitarist Rob Juhász and singer of (present) Ossian.

1997 - 2006. Nemesis

2007 - Age Of Nemesis

In the beginning of 2009, I played as a guest on ARSNOVA's record release gig in Tokyo.

I'm also a member of Scenes from '99 - Dream Theater Tribute - band. We play only Dream Theater cover songs.

As a guitarist, I cite Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale, Steve Morse, Adrian Smith ans Jeff Waters as my biggest influences. More favotrite guitarists: Dimebag (R.I.P.), Steve Vai, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, John Petrucci, Chris Brooks, Steve Lukather, Neal Schon, Todo Duane, Allan Holdsworth, Szabó Sándor, Fredrik Thordendal.