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You can find all lyrics of Terra Incognita as well as the girl's diary and mp3 excerpts from the album under Discography/Terra Incognita menu. We will upload the webstrores' links where you will be able to buy the album. Also you'll find all reviews of Terra and the new interviews.
New Design

As you can see our website has renewed. This is the new design for Terra Incognita..New year - new album - new design..BTW:

Myspace - page
Dan from Magna Carta has created a page for AoN at Myspace.com. You can check it out at: http://www.myspace.com/ageofnemesis
Terra Incognita - in January 2007
"Terra Incognita" will be released with English lyrics, for the first time January 11, 2007 on Magna Carta, in a limited edition DigiPak in the USA.

All editions Worldwide will be released with the computer bonus video for "Tree Of Life" and links to pages to download a 16 page 4 color booklet, as well as assorted other goodies.
Psychogeist is released

You can order the album directly from Magna Carta. You also will find links to online shops under the 'Shop' menu.
You can read the reviews of Psychogeist from the album's page. More reviews will be upped soon.

New Live photos
You can see new live photos of our 2 latest gigs in Hungary. You can find these pics under the 'Media' menu. We also uploaded some pics of our rehearsals and of ourselves before the Progfest-gig. Have fun!
sings with
This is what we worked so hard for and what you waited so long for: we’ve signed a contract with the American MAGNA CARTA label. The contract is for the release of all our previously unreleased English language albums and also for the first album of our instrumental project. Now we’re concentrating on writing tracks for our new album, some of which you might even hear us play in autumn.
Name change...
Well, yes...!! This probably already caught your eye on the opening page... :) We discovered that there are about nine (!) bands worldwide with the name NEMESIS, so we decided that from August 2005 we’re changing our name to

. “Psychogeist” will be released under the new name.


Our promotional work has brought the desired results... We received no less than five contact offers. MIDEM was an absolute success, hence “Psychogeist” will be available in the shops in summer with worldwide distribution. As to who is going to release it, well that’s something we’ll decide upon soon. “Terra Incognita” will also be released in English, and our instrumental album “Goddess Nemesis Project - The Play Is The Thing” will be released too. Since the promotional campaign is over, we’re now going to share the addresses of the demo sites with you too. And apart from all this, our next album is in the works too. Concert performances are scheduled for autumn.
Just click on the pictures to check out the sites... Have fun!
Because the preparatory work on the promotional material took up so much time, and in the meantime we were also mixing the instrumental album, we haven’t had much time to devote to our website (even though we did make simple sites for our promotional CD’s. These however “only” serve promotional purposes as yet, hence only “insiders” can access them. Of course, in time, we’ll make them available to everyone, because one of them is the site for our instrumental album “The Goddess Nemesis Project”.
But we did post a few new things on our Nemesis site too. For instance, you can listen to excerpts from the English version of Terra Incognita. You can do that HERE. And we’ve also posted the clip to “Tree of Life”, which was directed by Miklos Dudas. It’s a fairly large file, but we posted it that way deliberately so that you end up with a better view of who’s who and what’s what...:) And you can also find the track Ebredj Fel from our fist album, which was sung by Zoli... You can access that HERE...
Where did we disappear to ??
Yes, yes, background work again... We’re into a big promotional campaign again, because we’d like to find a (foreign) label to release our English language albums through... An American company called Venetowest is currently promoting us at MIDEM in Cannes. For this, we made an English language compilation CD and a 4 track promo CD of our instrumental album to go along with the promo DVD-ROM. We tried to manufacture them “in-house”, which meant (means) a mountain of work... Hopefully our efforts won’t be in vain...
Mixing of our instrumental material is in the final stages... We know that things have dragged on a little long, but it was definitely worth the wait, you’ll see! (you’ll hear)..:)
Fabi will play on the upcoming ARS NOVA album
As you know, there were many guest artists on the instrumental album. One of them, KEIKO KUMAGAI , keyboard player in the Japanese band ARS NOVA, asked Fabi to play on two tracks of their upcoming album. Until then, here’s a link to ARS NOVA.
Yes, thanks again to everyone who was there in Kek Lyuk (Blue Hole)..:) Unfortunately we don’t know when we’ll playing live next, because it’s virtually impossible to find the necessary conditions and facilities to hold a concert worthy of you and us... Unfortunately, this doesn’t depend on us or you...
The mixing of the instrumental album is in the final stages. More